Head of Department
Tanya Wagenaar
Dr Tanya Wagenaar
Position: HOD
Department: Public Law
Room: 35
Location: Ocean Sciences Campus
Phone: 041 504 4957
Email: tanya.wagenaar@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: BA(HMS); BA(HMS) Hons; LLB; LLM (cum laude); LLD
Expertise: Law of the Sea, Environmental Law and Intellectual Property

Academic staff
Joanna Botha
Professor Joanna Botha
Position: Lecturer
Department: Public Law
Room: 118, Embizweni
Location: South Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 2635
Email: Joanna.Botha@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: BA LLB (Rhodes), LLD (NMMU), Attorney
My site: https://publiclaw.mandela.ac.za/Staff/Prof-Joanna-Botha

Amanda Spies
Professor Amanda Spies
Position: Associate Professor
Department: Public Law
Room: Embizweni Building(9) Room 0130
Location: South Campus
Phone: 0415042198
Email: Amanda.Spies@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: (LLB UP), (LLM UP), PhD (Wits), Attorney of the High Court

Patrick Vrancken
Professor Patrick Vrancken
Position: Incumbent of the South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa
Department: Public Law
Room: Room 04 Law Services Building
Location: Bird Street Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 2200
Email: Patrick.Vrancken@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: LED (Brussels) LLM LLD (Cape Town)
My site: http://lawofthesea.mandela.ac.za

Prof. Hennie J. Van As
Professor Hendrik Van As
Position: Professor of Public Law and Director of the Centre for Law in Action (CLA)
Department: Centre for Law in Action (CLA)
Room: Ocean Sciences Campus, Summerstrand
Location: Ocean Sciences Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 1200
Email: Hennie.VanAs@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: B.Iuris, LLB, LLD NDip (Pol) and Advocate of the High Court of SA
My site: http://cla.nmmu.ac.za; http://fishforce.nmmu.ac.za/

Glancina Mokone
Ms Glancina Mokone
Position: Lecturer
Department: Public Law
Room: 118 Embizweni Building
Location: South Campus
Phone: 0415042655
Email: Glancina.Mokone@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: LL.B (UFS); LL.M (cum laude; UFS)

Obakeng Van Dyk
Mr Obakeng Van Dyk
Position: Lecturer
Department: Public Law
Room: Block A, 0037
Location: Ocean Sciences Campus
Phone: 041 504 1193
Email: obakeng.vandyk@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: LLB; LLM (cum laude) (UFS)

Administrative Staff
Adele Visser
Mrs Adele Visser
Position: Departmental Secretary: Department of Public Law
Department: Public Law
Room: 090128
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 1911
Email: adele.visser@mandela.ac.za